A little rolling paradise


Custom prams are a rolling and rocking home for babies. Toddlers hop in the prams with excitement to explore the countryside. It is also a sign of relief for parents. As the burden on their shoulder moved to prams. The baby vehicle evolved within a span of time. The different culture had different methods like backpack, sling, baskets, and strollers. It is also called pushchair/buggies (British English).


In the earlier days of human evolution, people migrated in search of food, water, and shelter or battling climate change. Those were the times, when infant carrying equipment, came into existence. In 1733, William Kent built the early prams for the Duke of Devonshire. He developed a shell basket on wheels and decorated it. The pony or goat could pull it. During 1830’s Benjamin Potter Crandall commercialized the product in U.S.

His son patented his idea on the baby carriages and improvised the product. His design highlighted the braking and umbrella hanging system. He also made it foldable one. In 1889, William H. Richardson made a structural change to the model. He patented his idea on the reversible stroller. The aeronautical engineer, Owen Maclaren improvised the design with an aluminum frame. To solve the weight problem.


The market offers different kind of baby transport with many options. The custom prams include a space to load baby accessories. In recent times, twin/triple pushchairs are also available. The product is detachable from wheelbase for strapping it on the car seat.

The various products are jogging prams, Roller buggy, multiple seat prams, shopping cart pram. The recent design involves transforming prams into kick scooter with 10mph tops. Depending on the design, prams customized with a handbrake. It is better to make a list before you buy the product. If you love to stay outdoors for most of the times, pram with rain cover is useful. Food basket and toy compartment are always useful. The lightweight, foldable is most suitable for loading/unloading from the car. Designed for off-road and large wheels are famous for long walks.